LVDT & Air Gauge Models

InterSense presents PreciGo, a multi-featured Gauge Computer ideal for -

Digital Gauging Online Gauging Multi Gauging Auto Gauging

Bunch of features that covers all your precision gauging needs

IOT over Wifi
Hybrid/ Local Cloud

Component Traceability

SPC Functions

7" Large
Touch Screen

User Friendly

Aluminium Body
Excellent EMI/EMC

Wall Mountable

And many

How PreciGo is apt for all types of gauging

Go Digital

eliminate human error

No operator Interpretation required. Readings are displayed directly.

  • Metric/ Inch Measurement mode
  • Manual/Auto Save readings facility with current date & time
  • Lakhs of readings can be saved
  • Hundreds of different part programs can be saved

Real Time Gauging

with SPC functions

Now check and control quality during the manufacturing process.

  • With PreciGo you can instantly react to process changes.
  • It helps you to improve productivity and achieve zero rejection.


Multiple Dimensions

Connects up-to 4 channels (Air or LVDT probe). * More channels available on request...

  • Channel wise as well as combined SPC Charts
  • Channel wise as well as combined Cp, CpK Calculations

Smart Gauging

for smart quality control

PreciGo is compatible with Auto Gauging.
It can communicate with PLC of your auto gauging system and open up immense possibilities of consistent and swift quality control.

  • Encoder, linear scale interface
  • QR Code / Barcode Printer and Scanner interface
  • Industry 4.0 Ready

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Achieve Zero Process Rejection!

With PreciGo's array of SPC functions and Cp, CpK Calculations you can instantly react to process changes. It helps you to improve productivity and achieve zero process rejection.

Visualise entire production line on server dash board

With PreciGo's IOT & Hybrid/ Local Cloud functions you can visualise the entire production line on the server dash board.

  • Measured data can be sent to client’s cloud server
  • Client will be in full control of the data
  • No yearly expenses
  • Free hybrid IOT software